Robert Kirkman Surprise-Launches New Comic Die!Die!Die!

Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment have teamed again for the surprise release of Robert Kirkman’s Die!Die!Die!, a new comic book series set to launch tomorrow -- July 11. The series’ existence, and its imminent release date, was only just revealed on Tuesday via a press release.

"That's right, in stores TOMORROW,” Kirkman said. “We want to make going to a comic shop exciting again -- a place for discovery! The internet has drained all surprise and anticipation from comics. Everyone hears about exciting new projects and then has to wait months or years for it to be in their hands... and half the time at the end of that buildup, the stories get spoiled in some lame attempt at getting wider media attention. So, surprise! Here's a new monthly series. How cool is that?! This is literally the only way I can be like Beyoncé."

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Kirkman remained ambiguous about said comic book titles that had been spoiled for the sake of garnering media attention, but it’s possible the writer is referring to the recent, widespread spoiling of Tom King’s highly-anticipated Batman #50, the ending of which was revealed in a New York Times headline.

The premise of Die!Die!Die! is one steeped in contemporary societal concerns, imagining a secret organization within the United States government whose job is to influence the world through assassination. The full synopsis can be read below:

Die!Die!Die! promises to be a blood-soaked, no holds barred, action-packed, irreverent story that fans won’t be able to rip their eyes from. We live in an evil world where evil people do evil stuff all the time and Die!Die!Die! lifts the veil on a secret cabal within the United States government that influences world matters through targeted assassination. The world around us is manipulated right under our noses, mostly for the better… but sometimes for individual gain, and sometimes for the fun of it."

The press release continues:

“So if you’re hurting people, somehow making the world worse than it already is, or even just standing in the way of something good happening… someone could right now be giving the order for you to… Die!Die!Die!”

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Die!Die!Die! #1 is helmed by Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta, Oblivion Song) alongside Scott M. Gimple (Punisher: Nightmare, writer and producer for The Walking Dead TV adaptation on AMC) and Chris Burnham (Batman Incorporated, Nameless, Nixon's Pals, Officer Downe). Nathan Fairbairn will provide colors for the issue. Rus Wooton will handle the issue’s lettering.

Die!Die!Die! #1 goes on sale tomorrow.

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