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Robert Englund Wants to Star in ‘Freddy vs Michael Myers’ Film

by  in Movie News Comment
Robert Englund Wants to Star in ‘Freddy vs Michael Myers’ Film

Though he can’t see himself in a remake, “Nightmare on Elm Street” star Robert Englund revealed the hypothetical films he would come back to star in as Freddy Kreuger, how he would like to see the franchise updated and his personal theory on why his cult classic character is a child killer (via Bloody Disgusting).

“You don’t do remakes!” he shared. “I would do ‘Freddy 9’, you know? Or I would do ‘Freddy vs Michael Myers’. Or I would do a prequel.”

As to how he’d like to see the “Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise updated, he said, “Well, I’d like to see ‘Nightmare in the Hood’! I would! I think it’d be really interesting to do a line of, like, retro 80’s hip hop ones and get a black actor to play “Freddy” and all the kids are, like, hip hop. Just do it the same!”

“You can imagine Freddy to be anything you want,” he explained. “My theory is the word ‘child killer,’ there’s something darkly…darkly poetic about that. It’s a very frightening phrase. Child killer! That should be enough. And I think there’s something symbolic about being a child killer. He kills children because children are their future and there’s no place for Freddy in the future. And it’s revenge on the parents! It’s the most painful thing a parent can do is to lose a child before they die. I mean, I can’t imagine how anybody… how any adults or parents survive that, the death of a child. So that’s nasty enough!”

In the original “Nightmare on Elm Street” by Wes Craven, the ghost of serial killer Freddy Kreuger (Englund) haunts the dreams of the children whose parents burned him alive. These children, including Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) and her boyfriend Glen (Johnny Depp), experience nightmares about the disfigured killer and razor blade gloves. However, as the nightmares begin to kill them and their friends in their waking life, Nancy and Glen must find a way to stop the supernatural murderer.

Since the original 1984 film, there have been eight more chapters about Kreuger, including a 2010 remake from Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes that was panned by critics and fans alike.

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