Robert E. Howard Presents: Thulsa Doom TPB

From the pages of Red Sonja comes the ultimate anti-hero, THULSA DOOM! Born in the wake of sinking Atlantis, Thulsa Doom has haunted the pre-history of man for centuries!

Now, the complete solo adventures of the ultimate anti-hero - Thulsa Doom - are collected here for the very first time! From the pages of Savage Tales (issues 5-7), and his own mini-series (1-4), Thulsa Doom is the pinnacle of fantastic action and adventure! Also included in this collection is the very first story that started it all: Delcarde's Cat by Robert E. Howard, presented here in its entirety! Also includes a complete cover gallery!

Praise for Dynamite's Thulsa Doom:

"If you like your comics bloody, beasty and breasty, Thulsa Doom delivers in spades, broadswords, knives and big pointy things that could take your eye, spleen, liver and soul out. It's barbaric, it really is." - BleedingCool.com

"The art team of Lui Antonio with just stunning colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr. is a winning combination..." - BrokenFrontier.com

"If you like butt-shots, you'll love this comic book!" - popcultureshock.com

"Great writing." - Majorspoilers.com

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