Robert Downey Jr Weighs In On Martin Scorsese's Marvel Movie Comments

Legendary filmmaker Martin Scorsese earned the ire of passionate audiences and actors alike when he denounced superhero films -- talking about the gargantuan Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular -- as cinematic works and likened them to theme parks, causing many of the franchise's stars, including Samuel L. Jackson and Karen Gillan, to retort.

Now the actor that helped start it all, Robert Downey Jr., has commented on Scorsese's views. When asked on The Howard Stern Show about why he thought Scorsese said that, Downey reminded Stern and listeners, "Because it's his opinion," before establishing his views on the matter. It's clear that RDJ believes the MCU films are "cinema," "I mean, it plays in theaters!" the award-winning actor went on to say, "I appreciate his opinion, because it's like anything-- we need all of the different perspectives so we can come to center and we can move on..."

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Despite the widespread critical and financial success of superhero films, it seems the stigma of the genre remains among audiences and filmmakers, many of which seem to view superhero films as lacking in any kind of artistic merit, causing -- as Howard Stern and Robert Downey Jr. discussed -- those such as Academy Awards voters to "turn their nose" at them.

Martin Scorsese is far from the first auteur or Hollywood celebrity to express some kind of disinterest in the comic book film genre. It's clear that Robert Downey Jr. does not consider their views to be in any way offensive to those who create or enjoy these films. This controversy is simply a difference in opinion.

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