Downey Thanks NASA for Having Tony Stark's Back While Stuck in Space

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Following the epic Avengers: Endgame trailer, NASA offered Marvel Studios advice on how to bring Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark back to Earth from the depths of space. Marvel, in return, acknowledged the space organization for its assistance. Now, the man responsible for the back-and-forth has thanked NASA for joining the rescue effort.

Downey Jr. tweeted, "Always good to know @NASA has your back" -- succinctly summing up what all fans, as well as Marvel Studios, have been thinking as we all try to figure out how Iron Man will make his way back to Earth from Titan.

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All we know so far is Tony is short on oxygen, water and food. If he's to come back home and reunite with the Avengers to undo what Thanos did with his famous snap (aka the "Decimation"), he's simply running out of time.

If any group knows how to get people back home from the cosmos, it's NASA. Hopefully, some detailed advice is sent to bring Stark in from the mysterious part of the galaxy he's marooned in. Because let's face it, he'll be needed for whatever Chris Evans' Steve Rogers and the remaining Avengers have planned when they take on the Mad Titan once more.

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