Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson & More Make Final Voting Push


The stars of the Save the Day campaign -- including a pair of card-carrying Avengers -- are back and making one final push to get out the vote for tomorrow's presidential election. The video comes from Joss Whedon's Save the Day campaign, which gave us the original star-studded campaign video back in September and one starring Chris Pine just last week.

This new ad -- which features Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key, James Franco, Julianne Moore, Martin Sheen and Neil Patrick Harris -- encourages viewers to think about their own voting plans. When are you voting? How are you getting there? Are you going before or after work? Do you need a ride? The video points out that you employers are legally required to give you time to vote tomorrow -- and if you don't have a ride, well, you can always get one from Black Widow.

And if you think Robert Downey Jr. has forgotten about the little bet made in the very first campaign video, the one regarding a potentially naked Mark Ruffalo, think again. RDJ still wants to "see Mark's hammer."

Election day in America is tomorrow, November 8. You can learn more about Save the Day at their website.

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