Robert Downey Jr. Is A Musical Man

Is there such a thing as being too busy? Apparently not, at least not in the life of Robert Downey Jr. Already attached to numerous projects including Oz, the Great and Powerful and his continued work as Tony Stark in The Avengers and Iron Man 3, Downey has stamped his name on yet another developing pitch.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that RDJ is attached to star in an untitled musical for Warner Bros. based on a story from Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt of Next to Normal fame. Downey is also producing alongside his producing partner and wife Susan Downey. The story is described as centering on "two Broadway songwriters who find themselves creatively and financially bankrupt when their big-break musical flops. Searching for inspiration, they take jobs as counselors at the theater camp they attended as kids and hatch a plan for a big comeback."

Downey has personal interest in the story, according to THR, as the actor attended theater camp when he was younger. Yorkey and Kitt were aware of this when they decided to approach the star for their project, a gamble that seems to have paid off. That said, Downey's name has been on a number of projects lately, not all of which have gone through -- Gravity, for example, was supposed to feature the Iron Man star. Until his name is signed on the dotted line, it's entirely possible that Downey won't end up in this latest musical after all.

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