Robert Downey Jr. Earns Hefty Sum For "Age Of Ultron," "Civil War"

If you're playing a multi-millionaire like Tony Stark, raking in mad cash can really help you get into character. Fortunately for Robert Downey Jr., his turn as the super rich superhero in 2008's "Iron Man" has ensured that he will always be able to slip into the mindset of Tony Stark both on and off camera.

As revealed by Forbes in their 2015 list of the highest paid actors, Robert Downey Jr. has earned $80 million for his parts in "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and next year's "Captain America: Civil War." The write-up specifies that Downey will earn $40 for his role in "Civil War" alone. That number does not include the portion of the backend profits he has on the "Captain America" sequel as detailed in the initial announcement of his involvement -- so he could earn a lot more than $40 million for appearing in the ensemble film.

Forbes also notes that Downey had a part of the backend for "Age of Ultron" as well, which is similar to his deal for the first "Avengers," which he disclosed back in 2013. With his "Avengers" paycheck added up with his backed compensation, RDJ earned around $50 million for the 2012 blockbuster.

Rumors have often circulated about Marvel Studios' cost-cutting measures when it comes to paying actors; RDJ has slyly acknowledged this in interviews before, telling GQ at one point that he's become "what's known as 'a strategic cost.'" But Downey's blockbuster track record with Marvel -- he's in four of the studios' top five grossing films -- has proven that he's worth what they're paying. This allowed for an initially minor role in "Civil War" to expand to a more meaningful one -- one that, of course, comes with the aforementioned payday.

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