Robert Ball's amazing 'Game of Thrones' portraits for 'Wired'

Anticipation for the third season of HBO's Game of Thrones continues apace among the more right-thinking sections of humanity, with less than two weeks now before its premiere. It's a show that continues to make fans: Winter's Knight/Dangeritis artist Robert Ball recently posted these vector portraits of some of the epic's cast in character, and they're great. Ball is a late convert to the show, explaining:

"I've been doing commissions for Wired magazine off and on, and this is the latest of those. I watched the first few episodes of Game of Thrones and found the whole thing clunky, adolescent and embarrassing. Then I got the humour and I've become completely obsessed with it. Can't wait for series 3!"

Ball's self-published Winter Knight was one of my favorite comics from last year, and had a certain superficial level of similarity with Game of Thrones anyway, being a medieval-set story with certain spooky fantasy elements creeping in at the edges.

His likenesses and expressions here are spot on: the stoicism of Arya Stark and Jon Snow, the haughtiness of the Lannisters, especially that hint of a sneer on Cersei's lips. And if Ball's style looks familiar to you, it's probably because he's the artist who came up with the much-ripped-off Fifty Baddies print.

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