Roberson no longer writing an arc of <i>Fairest</i>

Following his announcement that after an upcoming arc of the Fables spinoff Fairest he's done writing for DC Comics, writer Chris Roberson said today that the Fairest arc he was scheduled to write is no longer happening.

"Sorry to disappoint anyone, but I won't be writing a Fairest arc after all," Roberson said on Twitter. "It was decided my services were no longer required."

The tweet was soon followed by a show of support from Fables creator Bill Willingham: "Not decided by me. I will work with @chris_roberson any time. Any place."

If you missed it yesterday, Roberson announced he would no longer write for the publisher based on their treatment of other creators and their heirs. “My reasons for no longer wanting to be associated with DC don’t stem from anything to do with my personal experiences there, but from watching the way that the company has treated and continues to treat other creators and their heirs,” Roberson told CBR yesterday. “The counter-suit against the Siegel estate and the announcement of the Watchmen prequels were the specific incidents that crystallized my feelings on the matter. I’d like to make clear, though, that I have nothing but nice things to say about the editorial staff at Vertigo with whom I’ve worked for the past few years.”

Roberson, who has written not only the awesome iZombie and various Cinderella spinoff mini's but also took over as writer of Superman after J. Michael Straczynski left the title, has taken a stand based on principle and has now paid the price by having paying work taken from him. No doubt he expected it--hell, given DC's history, everyone probably knew this would happen--and I give him big props for doing it anyway.

And as Kurt Busiek said in our comments section yesterday, DC ain't the only game in town. "I am privy to a little inside information of what @chris_roberson will be doing instead of his Fairest arc and it will be awesome. So there," Willingham said.

Update: Roberson says that he has been paid for the work he's already turned in on Fairest.

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