Roberson & Maybury Rule "Sovereign" At Image in March

Image Comics has announced Chris Roberson's newest creator-owned series "Sovereign" will debut in March 19, 2014. Illustrated by Paul Maybury, "Sovereign" explores a different take on the classic high fantasy genre.

"So many of the fantasy stories I encountered growing up were set in worlds that were largely modeled on medieval Europe, in one way or another," Roberson said via press release. "Lots of white folks in feudal societies, castles and kings, that kind of thing. And I love a lot of those, but I thought it would be more interesting for me personally to look to other cultures for inspiration," said Roberson. "Sovereign is set in a world in which there are a number of cultures in the mix, and all kinds of ethnicities and types, and the drama comes as much from the cultural interactions as it does from the monsters invading from another dimension."

"Sovereign" marks Roberson's debut series at Image, but not his first endeavor with creator-owned material -- the writer has also published "Edison Rex" through his Monkeybrain Comics digital imprint and "Memorial" through IDW Publishing, though he's perhaps best known for his Vertigo work, including "iZombie" and the Cinderella-centric "Fables" miniseries.

Check out a preview of the series' first issue below.

"Sovereign" #1 hits stores March 29, 2014.

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