Robbie Amell Vouches For New Firestorm, Promises Ronnie's Return

The saga of Firestorm has taken up airtime in the first few episodes of "Flash's" second season, and the next episode -- titled "Fury of Firestorm" -- will see the torch passed from Robbie Amell's Ronnie Raymond to Franz Darmeh's Jay Jackson.

Amell recently posed with Darmeh on what looks like the set of "The Flash," promising fans two things: that Darmeh will take good care of the hero and that fans haven't seen the last of Ronnie Raymond.

Firestorm is in great hands. 👌🏼 But I'll be back. 🔥

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The second promise comes as a surprise considering that -- spoiler alert -- Ronnie Raymond seemingly sacrificed his life to save Central City in the recent season premiere of "The Flash." But then again, Amell does say "I'll be back" -- not "Ronnie will be back." It's possible that Amell could return as the Earth-2 version of Ronnie, which would not negate the season two premiere's big death. Or, you know, Ronnie didn't die -- this is a comic book show after all.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays on the CW.

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