Robbie Amell Provides Sneak Peek at "Flash" Firestorm Costume

There won't be any new episodes of "The Flash" on The CW for more than a month, but that doesn't mean the cast and crew of the DC Comics-based series are on vacation. Actor Robbie Amell, who plays the show's Ronnie Raymond, took to Instagram to give fans a look -- albeit a distant, shadowed one -- at how he'll appear in his Firestorm costume when the show returns in 2015. While it's not the classic costume from the comics (and it's also very possible this is only an early or partial version of the outfit), the insignia on his chest certainly resembles the character's comic book depiction.

"The Flash" returns with new episodes on Jan. 20.

Late shoot last night. Here's a little behind the scenes shot... #TheFlash #Firestorm 🔥☔️

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