Rob Zombie's 'Spookshow' 1 & 2 sells out, series goes monthly

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Soon after their debut, both Issue 1 and Issue 2 of Rob Zombie's Spook Show International have sold out from Diamond Comics Distributor.

"The demand for Spook Show International is beyond anything we could have anticipated," says MVCreations resident workaholic, Val Staples. "The combination of Rob Zombie's pulp horror story flare and unique, eye-catching art from super talented artists like Kieron Dwyer and Gene Colan has made for a book that is intriguing to fans of all comic genres."

A 2nd printing of Issue 1 is already available for retailers to meet demand for the title. Featuring a spectacular new cover from Kieron Dwyer, it won't be long before the 2nd printing of Issue 1 is gone as well.

"My goal with Spook Show was to create a monster comic that captures the spirit of the goofy 60s style horror I grew up with, like in The Munsters or The Addams Family, mixed with classic style horror from comic magazines such as Creepy and Eerie", says Rob Zombie. "I want the readers of Spook Show to feel like they've joined a secret monster club. And so far the feedback I've received suggests that they do. The fans are now referring to themselves as Spook-Heads."

A 2nd printing of Issue 2 is already underway, featuring a new cover from rising superstar EJ Su (Voltron, Cloudfall, Tech Jacket).

[El Superbeasto]"Spook Show has been a great success in achieving one of our biggest publishing goals: reaching non traditional comic fans," adds Staples. "Interest from specialty markets and online orders alone has been incredible, and reorders for direct market sales are strong and steady. Rob has been an amazing hands-on creator. He has been very vocal about his project and stops at nothing to help create awareness of Spook Show International."

Spook Show International has been featured in Rolling Stone, Kerrang, Wizard and countless other publications. Art from the comic has also been featured on programs like The Tom Green Show.

Part of Spook Show's success has been Rob's knack for blending various styles of entertainment into one cohesive story. Horror may be the main classification for Spook Show, but it encompasses Action/Adventure, Comedy, and Science Fiction. The book takes elements from classic horror, sci-fi, and even secret agent films of yesteryear and puts them into a new and engaging format.

[Suzi X]"Spook Show is really beginning to hit its stride", explains Zombie. "By our fourth issue I've really been able to focus on the breakout characters like El Superbeasto and Suzi X. The response to these characters has been overwhelming, so expect some amazing things in the issues to come."

And to make things even better, Spook Show has been expanded to a regular monthly series. "We wish all projects had the energy and flow of Spook Show," comments Staples. "We look forward to publishing Rob's ideas as a regular series and hope the comic will continue to reach new readers and fans."

But Spook Show doesn't stop at the comic. Plans are in the works for a Spook Show International related album that ties directly to the elements of the comic. The world currently being developed inside the pages of Spook Show International will transcend to Rob's own creative music stylings. Rob Zombie and MVCreations have high hopes for exposing Spook Show to a wider audience, allowing for more fans to enjoy Rob's ideas in a comic where Rob continually ups the entertainment ante with every issue.

"As a result of the growing Spook Show cult following, I've decided to begin releasing a series of CDs under the Spook Show International banner", tells Zombie. "These albums will feature monster style Halloween rock in the vein of the comic book. The fictitious bands mentioned in the comic will become a reality such as Bobbie Wolfgang and his Moloko boys and the Coffin Breaker Six. This project will definite bring our Spook Show Cult to a new level."

Spook Show International will become a regular series with Issue 6, and offers an incredible incentive cover from master painter Dan Brereton to commemorate the success and expansion of the series. Spook Show International is currently available from Diamond Comics Distributor ( http://www.diamondcomics.com/ ) and on MVCreation's Online Store ( http://mvcreations.safeshopper.com/ ). Don't miss out!

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