Rob Zombie's 31 Invades Horror Streaming Service Shudder


Launched last year, Shudder is AMC Networks' horror specific streaming service. Shudder caters to horror-hounds looking for a wide array of spooky films ranging from new titles to hard-to-find cult flicks, and classics of the genre. They've slowly been expanding their catalog for months now, but their latest list of additions is by far one of the largest so far -- including quite a few that will apparently remain exclusive to the website.

Variety reports that Rob Zombie's latest gory venture, "31," will be added to Shudder this December as part of a whopping 60-movie expansion. Other newcomers to the site include John Carpenter's "The Fog" and David Cronenberg's "Dead Ringers." The majority of the roster won't be available on other streaming platforms, so genre fans might wanna go ahead and consider coughing up the $4.99 a month subscription fee.

Premiering earlier this year at Sundance, Zombie's "31" tells the twisted story of five carnival workers -- played by genre veterans and Sherri Moon Zombie, wife of director, Rob -- who are kidnapped and forced to try surviving a macabre free-for-all death match against a horde of murderous clowns. Critics were less than enthused about the movie, but regardless, it's pretty true to Mr. Zombie's oeuvre. The morbidly curious among you can check it out in December via Shudder, which is available online, as well as on Roku, Amazon and Ellation's streaming platforms.

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