Rob Williams' blog showcases an array of all-star collaborators

Welsh writer Rob Williams must have been hit with the lucky stick as a child. His first published comic (Com.x's Cla$$war) featured art by the great Trevor Hairsine. When Hairsine was poached by Marvel halfway through the series, his replacement was Travel Foreman. Since then, Williams has been consistently teamed with some of the best stylists around on many of his projects: In the U.K. he's worked with the likes of D'Israeli, Edmund Bagwell and Brendan McCarthy.

It also seems that whenever 2000AD secures the services of a big U.S. artist to draw a Judge Dredd strip, such as Guy Davis, Williams is always the attached writer. On projects for U.S. publishers, he's been paired with artists of the caliber of Cary Nord, Cully Hamner, Phil Bond, Greg Tocchini and Simone Bianchi. I'm really just skimming the surface here; there are plenty of other great artists he's worked with in the last couple of years I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Of course, I'm sure this isn't all down to luck. Williams' considerable skill as a writer might also have a lot to do with this enviable run of creative pairings. Anyway, whether it's through luck, talent or possibly just by being a top class blackmailer of editors, Williams  has launched a blog to show off the most recent projects he's been doing with these top-class artists he's been working with. In the blog's first couple of days, he's already posted some Edmund Bagwell pages from 2000AD's "The Ten-Seconders," gorgeous Chris Weston examples from Adventures of Superman #12, some Jack Herbert Miss Fury pages from their Dynamite Entertainment collaboration; a production sketch from an upcoming project with RM Guera on a Judge Dredd strip, pages from Trevor Hairsine's return to 2000AD for the first time in 13 years, and a preview of the creator-owned strip "Ordinary" that he's working on with his regular "Lowlife" cohort D'Israeli.

So, lots to see, with more to come, I'd guess. One to bookmark for the future.

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