Rob Liefeld Is Done With Marvel for Foreseeable Future

Rob Liefeld, best known as the co-creator of Deadpool and one of the co-founders of Image Comics, has has announced that he's finished working on any Marvel Comics projects - for now, at least.

In a tweet consisting of a variant cover the artist did for next month's Deadpool #1Liefeld said, "So, this will be my last original cover for Marvel for the foreseeable future. After doing 100 covers the last few years, I’m taking a pause. I’m also not continuing any interiors as I’ve put those on hold as well. G.I. JOE:SNAKE EYES and creator owned are on the desk!"

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Liefeld's leave from Marvel follows some recent statements the industry icon made in which he said he is pursuing legal action against the company due to undefined "shady practices". The Deadpool co-creator further elaborated upon this statement when a fan asked if this had anything to with Deadpool. His response was a vague, "Not DP proper."

Despite Rob Liefeld's currently tumultuous relationship with Marvel, he's had nothing but positive things to say about the future of the publisher's comic book universe in the wake of the recent news that Kevin Feige has been named the company's Chief Creative Officer. IWhen another recently fan tweeted to Liefeld in regard to his involvement with Deadpool 3, he replied, "I have a lifetime contract with Marvel. I’m never gone."

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