Rob Liefeld's Youngblood Returns to Image Comics in May

Rob Liefeld's quintessential '90s superhero title "Youngblood" is getting a fresh start just in time for the series' 25th anniversary. However, it seems Liefeld will be taking a backseat on the title. The first issue of the new "Youngblood" series will still feature Rob Liefeld's work on a variant cover, but "X-Men '92" scribe Chad Bowers and Jim Towe will helm the relaunch.

According to the official synopsis for "Youngblood" #1,

An uber popular self-protection app called HELP! is changing how we stay safe -- “HELP! lets you decide who saves you.” But when a high-rated young hero on the app goes missing, his best friend’s search for answers gains the attention of some unexpected allies, and together, they’ll do whatever it takes to find him… even if it means resurrecting the world’s most hated super-team, Youngblood.

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"Trust me, you've never read a 'Youngblood' story like this,” Bowers said in a statement. “I'm so incredibly proud of what Jim and I are doing on this book, and can't wait for readers, especially those who've maybe never picked up a 'Youngblood' comic, to see what all the fuss is about!"

“I've been having the time of my life with 'Youngblood.' The combination of so much creative freedom along with having a fantastic writer like Chad has really made this an artist's dream book to draw. We've crafted an incredibly fun and exciting modern day reimagining of these characters that I think both new and old fans are really going to enjoy,” added Towe.

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"'Youngblood' has had outstanding talent contribute to its amazing history,” shared Liefeld. “Alan Moore, Robert Kirkman, Keith Giffen and Mark Millar are a few who have left their mark. Chad Bowers and Jim Towe are four issues into their run and are producing stories that will be held as some of, if not the best 'Youngblood' tales ever told. It honors the best of the past and forges exciting new paths for these characters!"

Written by Chad Bowers and drawn by Jim Towes, "Youngblood" #1 is due to go on sale May 3. Liefeld, David Finch and Chris Daughtry will provide additional variant covers.

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