Rob Liefeld Threatens Marvel with Legal Action Over ‘Shady Practices’

Prolific comic book creator and Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld may be pursuing legal action against Marvel Entertainment for undisclosed "shady practices."

In a series of tweets, Liefeld revealed he had recently spoken with his attorney and would potentially be taking Marvel to court, calling out The Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger specifically. Without divulging specifics, Liefeld hinted that the possible lawsuit was related to Deadpool when asked by fans online.

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After co-creating Deadpool with Fabian Nicieza, Liefeld helped found Image Comics in 1992 as an independent publisher where creators would retain full ownership of the properties they launched. Liefeld created the popular series Youngblood through his Image publishing imprint Extreme Studios, as well as other fan-favorite titles including Bloodstrike and Prophet.

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Liefeld has since worked sporadically with Marvel, from relaunching Captain America as part of the Heroes Reborn publishing initiative to his recent work creating the new X-Men-related character Major X.

Speaking of Major X, Liefeld has since clarified that his comments are more towards Marvel Entertainment -- the publishing branch that oversaw the character -- and not its sister company Marvel Studios, which handles the cinematic adaptations of the iconic characters.

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There has been no official comment from Marvel since the recent developments.

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