Rob Liefeld's Self-Parodying 'The Pouch' to Make Comic Book Debut

After taking the world of social media by storm, Rob Liefeld's all-new, original parody character "The Pouch" will debut in Bloodstrike #23 for its "Bloodstrike Brutalists" story arc, along with being featured on a special variant cover for the issue.

"The Pouch" is in reference to Liefeld's generous use of pouches on many of his characters from the 1990s, including Marvel's Cable and Image Comics heroes Bloodstrike and the Youngblood superhero team.

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"Since the moment I introduced The Pouch on my social media, the fans have exploded with support and enthusiasm!" Liefeld said in a statement. "The truest definition of 'because you demanded it!' The Pouch comes to life on the cover and in an interior story included in Bloodstrike Brutalists 2!”

As you can see from the cover above, The Pouch literally consists of nothing but pouches from head to toe. Of course, the character wouldn't be a Liefeld creation if it wasn't carrying an oversized rifle -- which is also made entirely out of pouches.

In BRUTALISTS Part Two, bureaucratic overlords with morbid agendas need love, too. What lengths will they go to? A string of gruesome murders, a deadly disease, and a dark conspiracy; for Bloodstrike, that’s a Tue

Bloodstrike #23 goes on sale June 27.

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