Rob Liefeld Tries to Tempt Hugh Jackman into Deadpool Vs. Wolverine Film

The possibility of a Deadpool/Wolverine cinematic team-up/throwdown received another push today as Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld took to Instagram to weigh in on the ongoing "will they/won't they" situation. His post urged Hugh Jackman to return to the role of Wolverine one last time, for the fans.

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This plea comes in response to Jackman's previous comments that he just doesn't "think the world really wants to see Deadpool and Wolverine." Liefeld took the opportunity to eloquently speak on the fan's behalf by stating that "yes, fans absolutely desire on the deepest possible level of affection and excitement that we can collectively muster to see you return as Wolverine alongside Ryan as Deadpool."

Liefeld even suggested a possible storyline for the matchup, from his two-part "All Along the Watchtower" story in Wolverine #154-155. Those issues feature Deadpool taking on a job and going after Logan, who had a bounty placed on his head by mutant-hating corporate cyborg, The Administrator.

The character only appeared in the two-part storyline and again in Liefeld's X-Force miniseries, which brought Cable and his original team back together, along with Deadpool and Wolverine. The Administrator led an anti-mutant faction known as the Watchtower, which experimented on mutant healing factors, making Wolverine and Deadpool obvious test subjects.

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is certainly no stranger to the Deadpool franchise, having been referenced numerously and appearing (kind of) as a creepy mask-within-a-mask in Deadpool. But fans, and Ryan Reynolds, have been hoping to see the pair meet up on screen since the first film was officially announced.

The pair first worked together as Wade and Logan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, though it wasn't the best representation of either. Of course, given the current climate of Fox's Marvel properties and the impending move to Disney, there might be more hurdles to seeing this happen than whether or not Jackman wants to revisit the role he played for 17 years.

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While Fox has release dates for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, there aren't any announced plans for a third outing with Deadpool or the long-rumored X-Force film, which is probably due, at least in part, to Disney's purchase of the 20th Century Fox film properties.

There have been assurances that Deadpool will continue to star in films from Disney, but any plans involving Wolverine or the X-Men following the slated films will depend on how Disney and Marvel Studios choose to use the characters. And as we've seen numerous times, though most recently with Sony and Spider-Man, they aren't afraid to recast.

For now, you can see Deadpool and fellow Liefeld co-creation Cable in the upcoming PG-13 sequel remix Once Upon a Deadpool, which will hit theaters on December 12.

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