Shrink: Rob Liefeld's Superhero Psychiatrist Movie in Development at Sony

Following the success of Deadpool at Fox, another one of Rob Liefeld's comic book creations, the superhero-psychiatrist property, Shrink!. has been picked up as a potential feature film franchise by Sony.

According to Deadline, the project caught Sony's eye in 2000, with a script being produced by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. However, Sony never pushed further on with the film's development, until producer Adam Fields recently told the studio its rights to the project were expiring. As Deadline reports, this then pushed execs to re-sign and begin actively working on the comedic comic movie.

Yesterday, Liefeld confirmed the news on Instagram and wrote, "This is one super fun and funny project."

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Shrink is an original property created by Liefeld that stared out as a webcomic in 2001. The series revolves around a female psychiatrist, Jessica Powers, who specializes in helping superheroes who run the risk of suffering PTSD from the job. She's described as a strong and intuitive doctor who her superhero patients view as a superhero too. The premise and potential film riff off of movies like Analyze This, which starred Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro.

It's a though-provoking concept, with the world's saviors quite often finding their lives plunged in emotional turmoil and overall crisis. In addition to Fields, Doug Belgrad and Liefeld have both enlisted as producers.

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