Rob Liefeld says <i>The Infinite</i> 'is over' due to creative differences

Rob Liefeld said on Twitter that after four issues, his collaboration with writer Robert Kirkman, The Infinite, "is over."

"Unfortunately creative differences have sunk The Infinite. It's over," he said, noting in another post that he and Kirkman's Skybound imprint disagreed on an inker Liefeld was using for half of issue #5.

"Artistically, I'll continue to seek out talented collaborators to work with that keeps me energized for the next 25 years," he said, adding, "For 10 years all my printed work was printed from my pencils. Now I'm re-discovering the appeal of working with a variety of inkers."

The fifth issue was originally solicited for last October, then rescheduled for February. Solicitations and covers had been released through April's issue #8.

Word about The Infinite ending follows the news that another Liefeld book, DC's Hawk & Dove, is also coming to an end. But despite that, Liefeld still has a pretty full plate, as he will start working on three other DC Comics in May, and his Extreme Studios properties continue to relaunch from a variety of creators.

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