Rob Liefeld Reacts to DC's Cable Analogue

Batman and the Outsiders #1 saw the introduction of Kaliber, a man from the future who claims to be trying to save the world from a terrible fate. Readers were quick to point out the many ways the character resembles Marvel's Cable, especially considering Kaliber wields a big gun and appears to be a cyborg. The comic even seems to feature a stand-in for Hope Summers. Rob Liefeld, the comics artist who created Cable, has now reacted to the introduction of that analogue.

In a tweet, Liefeld wrote, "Honored, flattered." In a follow-up tweet, Liefeld explained that he didn't actually know the character existed, saying, "Look, I had no idea it existed until you shared it with the Cable implications... thx!"

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Liefeld and Louise Simonson created the adult version of Nathan Summers/Cable in the pages of 1990's The New Mutants #87. In addition to creating Cable, Liefeld is responsible for Deadpool and one of the founders of Image Comics, alongside Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Lee and many more. Liefeld is currently writing Major X for Marvel.

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Batman and the Outsiders #2 by writer Bryan Hill, artist Dexter Soy and colorist Veronica Gandini, hits shelves June 12. Issue #1 is on sale now.

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