Rob Liefeld Is Building a New Superhero Team

Earlier this month, it was revealed that comic book creator Rob Liefeld had effectively been divorced from his Youngblood property for the time being. However, Liefeld already appears to be back in the saddle, creating a brand-new team of superheroes.

Liefeld made two posts to Instagram featuring new artwork of his: one of a singular hero on a piece of notepaper, and another of what appears to be the very same character with two teammates now joining him. At this time, information regarding these new characters -- including their names -- seems to be under wraps. However, Liefeld hints he's been working on them for some time now.

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"Building a new squad," wrote Liefeld. "I’ll be showcasing new characters from a new book I’ve been preparing since last summer. One new character per post. Don’t let the crease in the paper bother you, I do my designs on note paper and the crinkles are part of the fun."

Liefeld teases more to come, meaning fans of the Deadpool creator's work can likely expect more details regarding this new team to be made available in the near future. In the meantime, Liefeld is also currently expected to create new properties as part of a partnership with John Hyde. He is also working on projects for Prophet and Glory.

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