Rob Liefeld Launches New "Deadpool: Bad Blood" Graphic Novel

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld will work alongside "X-Men '92" scribes Chris Sims and Chad Bowers to bring a new graphic novel titled "Deadpool: Bad Blood" to Marvel Comics. During an interview with ComicBook.com), Liefeld revealed where this story came from, how it will feature plenty of his other characters and more.

"The idea that you can tell one consecutive story un-interrupted is unique nowadays," Liefeld said of the project. "No single issue breaks and cliff hangers allow for greater momentum building the tale. The format has tremendous storytelling opportunities. I'm having a blast as are Chad [Bowers] and Chris [Sims]."

"This is literally a story I've wanted to share for the last twenty years. I actually started drawing pages of it out in my notebook back around 2007, it's something I do when I get ideas, artistically riffing, so the idea that I'm actually seeing the story and the pages come to life is a thrill! I don't want to give anything away, I'm just trying to add something memorable to the canon," he added.

"I can absolutely confirm that there are plenty of characters from my character creation list for Marvel, it's an actual list! That are making an appearance as well as a few new one's to round things out," he shared. "It's a fun romp, hopefully fans will enjoy the time we've put into it."

"I pitched a story to Jordan D. White and waited for it to clear. It was a basic framework of key elements but as I left it opening for another party to join me. When Jordan asked me to consider Chris and Chad I thought it was a stroke of genius and really an inspired choice as I'm a huge fan of their 'X-Men 92' work," he said. "They're a blast to riff with. We've back and forth'd the beats several times to build out the story to our mutual satisfaction. It's been fun. I'm really excited and motivated."

"Deadpool: Bad Blood" will arrive in 2016.

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