Image United is 100% Dead, According to Rob Liefeld

Image United issue zero visions of future

Despite saying he was determined to finish the series earlier this year, Image Comics co-founder and comic creator Rob Liefeld has seemingly admitted defeat by confirming the Image United miniseries is dead.

In response to a comment on Twitter mentioning a time when people thought that the infamously delayed miniseries would be finished, Liefeld discussed the factors that resulted in the comic's death, the first of which being Spawn creator Todd McFarlane's departure from the project.

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"Todd stopped working on it entirely, informed the rest of us he wasn't going to contribute any further. And it died," the Deadpool co-creator confessed. Liefeld also adds there is "no chance whatsoever" of Image United being finished now that Youngblood -- his Image creation -- is out of the picture. Early last month, Liefeld revealed he no longer has control of the Youngblood characters.

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Starting in November 2009, Image United was written by Invincible and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Liefeld alongside fellow Image founders McFarlane, Jim Valentino, Whilce Portacio, Erik Larsen and Marc Silvestri. The series focused on several Image heroes such as Shadowhawk, Witchblade and Savage Dragon joining forces with newcomer Fortress to do battle with the original Spawn, Al Simmons, now called the Omega Spawn.

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The series was intended to run for six issues. However, only three issues were released, with a nine-month gap occurring between issues #2 and #3. The remaining issues never came to fruition, though spinoffs -- such as a prologue-centric issue 0 -- were produced. The creators involved mentioned their schedules as being the cause of the delay, and stated that the project was at different points of completion over the years.

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