EXCLUSIVE: Rob Liefeld Takes a Stab At Hit-Girl in New Variant

Over his decades in the comics business, artist Rob Liefeld has been no stranger to drawing bloody katanas, as he's well known for bringing Deadpool to life in the early 1990s. But there's one sword-wielding assassin the Image Comics co-founder has never drawn... until now.

The artist has illustrated a variant cover for July's Hit-Girl #6 -- the second part of Jeff Lemire and Eduardo Risso's Canadian-themed arc on the Mark Millar/John Romita Jr.-created character. And CBR has an exclusive first look at Liefeld's take on Mindy McCready.

The second four-issue arc in the ongoing Kick-Ass spinoff takes the Canadian landscape into all new territory, as Hit-Girl battles her way across the country from Toronto to Moose Factory. That issue will arrive in July, and Millar promised that more visual surprises are in store for the book later this summer as Skottie Young will contribute a variant to #7.

"This new Hit-Girl ongoing series, to me, is essentially our fucked up version of Tintin," Millar told CBR in February. "I remember as a kid here in Scotland looking at my Tintin and Asterix graphic novels and seeing all these other books set in different countries that made up this enormous collection. That’s precisely what I’ve set up here. It’s all four-issue stories, all with A-list writing and art and each one set in a different country."

Check out the main cover for Hit-Girl #6 by Eduardo Risso below, and catch the next issue of the ongoing series -- #3 -- on sale April 25.

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