Rob Liefeld Teases New Mask Design for Deadpool

Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld teased his fans with sketches for a new armored version of the Merc With a Mouth for an upcoming project.

The X-Force creator shared the below drawings, which show the classic Deadpool pattern but in a more polished manner, possibly suggesting Wade is wearing some kind of Deadpool-themed armor. Liefeld’s only comments on the post were, “Let’s just call this… coming soon?”, suggesting it's for one of his upcoming projects with Marvel.

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Liefeld has confirmed that he is working on a huge X-Men crossover event set to be released in 2019, which he proposed to Marvel after being approached to do a big story. "I have a new project, 2019, it's a huge X-Men crossover," Liefeld reportedly said while on a panel at Wizard World Comic Con in Austin. "It's awesome...Marvel called me up last Thanksgiving and said, 'We want you to do a big story.' I said well, let's see if they'll go for this, and I tried to do something no one has done before. So I gave them this pretty aggressive proposal for an event and I can't say what it is, I can't say what it involves, got a lot of new stuff."

He has also been working on a sequel to his 2017 original graphic novel Deadpool: Bad Blood titled Deadpool: Badder Blood. Collaborating again with writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, the story will continue the adventures of Deadpool and his friend Thumper, but will also feature appearances by Wolverine, Cable and a new mysterious character that Liefeld calls Shatterstorm.

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The characters Liefeld co-created with Fabian Nicieza recently returned to theaters in Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 version of the popular sequel to Deadpool. Also, the incarnations of Hawk and Dove that he co-created with Karl and Barbara Kesel in 1988 appeared in the DC Universe series Titans. Liefeld’s Image Comics character Prophet ‘s film rights were also picked up this summer by Studio 8, with hopes of creating a franchise from the character.

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