Rob Liefeld Shows Off New Dreadpool Designs

Deadpool Rob Liefeld

The first issue of Rob Liefeld's Major X is just over one month away and he continues to tease fans with what to expect. This time around he introduces Dreadpool on Instagram with some artwork.

Writing "more than a Merc with shoulder pads and armor," we see Cable get laid out as Leifeld writes that "things get outta hand early" in the pages of Major X #1. In a second post with a close look at the armor, he warns that Dreadpool will "eat all your nachos."

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This comes one week after he introduced sketches of a new character from Major X named Aura, a mutant who uses the face plates of Sentinels as a mask, armor and a shield.

The original announcement indicated that Major X would introduce a new character that will "mix up everything in the X-world." It sounds like there are a lot more than just one new introduction.

Major X is from an alternate Earth where only mutants exist and live in peace. When that word is destroyed, he comes to Earth-616 to try to fix his world again.

The twist is that he first shows up in 1991 -- a world that Rob Liefeld knows well from his old Marvel days. It is up to Cable to stop him. By the end of that issue, he makes it to present day Marvel.

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Major X #1 goes on sale April 3. It will be the first of a six-part series by Rob Liefeld, Whilce Portacio and Brent Peeples.

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