DC Comics Is 'Gonna Drive Off A Cliff,' Rob Liefeld Declares

Artist/writer Rob Liefeld has made some outspoken comments regarding the direction of DC Comics, specifically stating the publisher is "gonna drive off a cliff here real soon."

In a string of since-deleted tweets, the Deadpool and Cable creator claims DC's saving grace is Batman, with the Dark Knight's impressive track record of sales success helping to keep the publisher afloat.

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"DC Comics gonna drive off a cliff here real soon…..gotta get my popcorn," Liefeld wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

When speaking about Batman, he wrote, "Thank God they have Batman to act as their Tylenol, Asprin, laughing gas… 'more Batman will fix it!'"

Fellow creator Mark Millar responded to Liefeld's disparaging tweets, giving props to DC's current creative teams and its strongest lineup since the '80s.

Liefeld joking told Millar that he must be reading his "DC best of the 80's collection again, while also noting how his negative comments will most likely cost him a potential gig down the line. "C’mon…they should fire everybody in management and refresh," he declared.

The final deleted tweet brought Marvel Comics into the conversation, claiming the reason for DC's heavy rotation of Batman titles is to keep pace with the House of Ideas and its wide variety of family titles and sales options.

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After receiving criticism for his statements, Liefeld deleted the tweets and stated he's leaving Twitter to be exclusively on Instagram.

Perhaps continuing the conversation, one of his latest Instagram posts brings up the comparison between Deadpool and DC's Deathstroke.

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