Rob Liefeld to Relaunch Dave Cockrum's Futurians

Dave Cockrum's Futurians are making a comeback. According to ComicBook.comDeadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld is set to relaunch The Futurians in an exclusive publishing arrangement that includes television, film and print media.

The news comes courtesy of Liefeld Media and author Clifford Meth, who represents the Cockrum family and the Estate of Dave Cockrum. Cockrum created The Futurians back in 1983, which he debuted following his success on the relaunched Uncanny X-Men. He published one volume with Marvel Comics before going the creator-owned route, releasing another three issues through publisher Lodestone Comics.


“Paty Cockrum and I are delighted that Rob Liefeld is taking on The Futurians,” Meth said. “Dave Cockrum was best known as the creator of Nightcrawler and the designer of Marvel’s X-Men icons Storm, Colossus, Thunderbird and Mystique. But The Futurians were by far Dave’s favorite characters that he created. His graphic novels for Marvel and other companies that featured The Futurians were beloved by Dave’s fans. Decades later, they are still sought after by collectors.”

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Meth went on to praise Liefeld, calling him a "fan-favorite storyteller" whose personality is "comics incarnate," much like Cockrum himself.


Liefeld has been a fan of Cockrum and The Futurians for some time and has tried to bring back the beloved series before. In fact, he revealed that he initially reached out to Cockrum back in the mid-90s in hopes of making a deal for The Futurians. Unfortunately, because of his previous experiences, Cockrum was hesitant to make a deal with Liefeld at the time. In fact, this new deal for Liefeld to bring the series back only came to be recently.

"I contacted the Cockrum estate months ago, saying that I would be interested in discussing if there was a possibility, if they weren't already tied up," Liefeld explained. "I have known Cliff for a while, and he was quick to engage me. We just had to loop Paty in, and she was very amicable, and then it was just about putting the right parameters together, but all I wanted was to be able to get a greenlight to make more Futurians stories."


This is the second attempt to bring back Cockrum's The Futurians. With some help from Aardwolf Publishing, Meth launched a Kickstarter campaign back in 2014, which sought to publish a new story titled The Futurians Return. The campaign, which managed to surpass its $6,000 goal after a matter of days, rewarded fans with The Futurians Return, a new 22-page story Cockrum created prior to his passing in 2006, along with a second tale he drew based on a story by Meth.

The Futurians is expected to relaunch this fall, possibly in one of the existing Extreme Universe titles at Image Comics.

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