Rob Liefeld Announces Modernized Youngblood Relaunch

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In a few words, "Youngblood" is back. It's been back a few times before -- the most recent instance being in 2008 for volume four -- but all of these past returns have been short-lived (that last run only lasted nine issues). Now though, creator and Image co-founder Rob Liefeld (who also brought the world Deadpool) is back in the driver's seat, meaning that the resurrection of Image's flagship publication could be much longer-lived.

As revealed in an interview with Nerdy Pop, Liefeld has teamed up with artist Jim Towe, who has reimagined several team members with a cleaner design and minimalist aesthetic. Most surprising of all is that his and Liefeld's partnership came about via an unlikely source: Twitter. Towe -- a longtime fan of "Youngblood -- originally created his own takes on the characters just for fun, then tagged Liefeld when sharing his drawings. It turns out the comics icon liked Towe's work enough to offer him a job. Watch the whole interview below.

See, fans? Sometimes dreams do come true. Now, Liefeld and Towe, along with co-writer Chad Bowers ("X-Men '92"), are bringing this all-new Youngblood team back to the page in 2017. You can check out the fresh depictions of Badrock, Suprema, Doc Rocket, Shaft, Vogue, and Sentinel in Towe's tweet below.


Cat's out of the bag -- I'm drawing an all-new Youngblood book coming out next year! pic.twitter.com/2uExMmkSEZ

— jim towe (@jimtowe) August 24, 2016


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