Road to "Civil War II" Continues, Gaiman & Buckingham's New "Miracleman" Story Arrives in April

Check out Marvel's complete solicitations copy and cover art for April 2016.

April 2016 is a month chock-full of Marvel Comics events, debuts and returns. From the first all-new Miracleman story in decades courtesy of Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham to the arrival of the "Spider-Woman" event and the conclusion of "Avengers Standoff," all whlie "Civil War II" looms on the horizon, this Spring is set to be a big one.

  • "Invincible Iron Man" #8 offers "more hints to next summer's insane Marvel's blockbuster event," which we all know is "Civil War II." But is "CWII" related to the "brand new threat" Iron Man, Spider-Man and War Machine are facing?
  • "Black Panther," "Gwenpool," "Poe Dameron," "Moon Knight" and "Empress" all debut. The first three titles are ongoing series, while "Empress" is a new Icon imprint mini from Mark Millar and Stuart Immonen.
  • Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's long-awaited next chapter arrives in "Miracleman: The Silver Age" #3. The confrontation decades in the making, Miracleman comes face to face with Kid Miracleman!
  • Billed as "the Spider-Event of 2016," "Spider-Women" kicks off with an Alpha issue before spilling over into "Spider-Gwen," "Silk" and "Spider-Woman."
  • "Spider-Man/Deadpool" features the titular pair on a double date with 'Pool's wife Shiklah and a friend of hers -- who just so happens to be Thor.
  • A number of series receive special "Civil War"-themed variants throughout the month, though no art was revealed.
  • "Avengers Standoff" reaches its conclusion, with seven tie-ins and an Omega issue all arriving in April. The Omega issue promises the return of "lost" heroes along with new threats arriving in the Marvel Universe, most likely shedding light on how "Civil War II" will break when it arrives later in the summer.
  • The copy for "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." #4 promises "the world's craziest Wolverine cameo continues."
  • "The Mighty Thor" #6 features a flashback to the days of Young Thor, and the introduction of Viking Hulk.
  • Galactus' new status as the universe's Lifebringer is explored further in "The Ultimates" #6. The issue features guest art by Christian Ward of "ODY-C" fame.
  • A potentially major S.H.I.E.L.D. death is teased in "Black Widow" #2, as "top brass gather to bury one of their own." The only thing we know is, it's no Maria Hill.
  • Jeff King, the writer of DC Comics' "Convergence," arrives in the Marvel Universe, with a back-up tale starring Kitty Pryde and Rocket Raccoon in "Guardians of Infinity" #5.
  • "Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic" #1 features stories by Jason Aaron, James Robinson, Gerry Duggan, Mike Perkins and more. The one-shot is a companion piece to the storyline running in "Doctor Strange," and features a new character debuting "just in time for her last stand." 
  • Ryan North, Amy Chu, Danilo Beyruth and Ryan Browne share new stories starring Ant-Man and Peter Parker in "A Year of Marvels: The Amazing" #1. Each issue in the series will feature a pair of tales, each story taking place in a specific month, as it works through the year, starting with Spider-Man's Valentine's Day themed tale.  
  • "Unbeatable Squirrel Girl" #7 appears to be created in the Choose Your Own Adventure style, boasting that it "puts YOU in control of THE MOST POWERFUL CHARACTER IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE."
  • In "Daredevil" #6, Elektra is back, and so is Bill Sienkiewicz who provides the cover for the issue.
  • "Old Man Logan" battles Old Man (Steve) Rogers in the former's fourth issue.
  • Skottie Young's artwork is featured in the "Little Marvel Standee Punch-Out Book," which will allow you to decorate your home, office, or home office with standees featuring the artist's popular kid characters.

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