Rivers of London: Detective Stories #2

Story by
Art by
Lee Sullivan
Colors by
Luis Guerrero
Letters by
Rob Steen
Cover by
Titan Comics

Peter Grant is one of London’s Finest, a member of the Metropolitan​ ​Police​ ​Service. However, while most of the capital’s PCs are out​ ​chasing pickpockets​ ​and helping vomit-soaked hen parties, Peter is​ ​well underway to becoming​ ​London’s second wizarding cop. Working​ ​out of the secretive Folly in the heart of the city, he and his colleagues​ ​take on those crimes that might be described as weird, spooky, or​ ​frozen-hand-around-the-heart terrifying.

Having garnered a fair amount of experience and knowledge, Peter is also​ ​in line for a promotion and is undergoing the process that could make him​ ​a Detective...

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