15 Hilarious Riverdale Couples Memes

Riverdale is one of those shows that has inspired numerous ships. When you have a cast where everyone is attractive (including the parents!), it’s inevitable that these characters would gravitate to one another. In addition to their sheer attractiveness, this show is a teen drama, so it’s expected that everyone is hooking up with everyone else. However, this is all in the midst of dealing with a serial killer, the mob, and someone’s dad mysteriously buying a bunch of property. Riverdale is a sleepy town, sure, but the teens are often up all night solving crime (among other nocturnal activities).

The “core four” of the show are Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, and Veronica Lodge. They’re all best friends, so naturally, they have all kissed one another. Except for the two boys (when’s that happening, Riverdale writers?!) Even the supporting characters seem to find time for romance, including the Queen of Extra, Cheryl Blossom. Whatever your ship preference is, you’ll probably find an example of it in Riverdale. Ships are great material for memes, and Riverdale has inspired a lot of great couples memes. Order your milkshake to share with your boo, and settle in for the 15 most hilarious Riverdale couples memes.


It’s amazing how much drama Riverdale can pack into each episode. Though the show is only on its second season, it feels like we’ve experienced so much with these characters. While the show started small with trying to solve the murder of Jason Blossom, it has since branched out to citywide scandals and serial murders. All the while, our core four characters have remained friends.

Back in season one, Veronica was the newbie to the group. She immediately gravitated toward Betty and Archie. Unfortunately, Betty had a crush on Archie at the time, and Archie was instantly enamoured with Veronica. The way that the four sit at their place, Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, has changed as these relationships changed. Now Archie and Veronica sit together, and Betty and Jughead are the most popular ship in the fandom.


To be fair, Cheryl Blossom has a difficult time connecting to anyone right away. This was made abundantly clear when in the second season, South Side High was shut down, and their students relocated to Riverdale High. Cheryl did not take kindly to this (we think she resents change). She was initially very standoffish to the new students, especially Toni Topaz.

Toni is a Serpent and friends/makeout buddies with Jughead when he and Betty were on a break. Now, Toni and Cheryl are kind of a thing (no labels as of yet). In just the space of an episode, we are here for this couple! Toni was there for Cheryl when she really needed emotional support. You know, it’s kind of a bad day when it turns out your dad had a secret will.



We know it’s weird to ship real people. The Betty and Jughead ship, also known as Bughead, is probably the most popular pairing in Riverdale. This is taken a step further when some fans are shipping the actors who play them in real life, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse. Like any other popular show, there have of course been rumors that they’re dating. However, nothing is confirmed.

Even as of earlier this year, the stars have kept tight-lipped about whether or not they’re dating. In the meantime, though, we can enjoy their characters’ drama on Riverdale, as well as pictures of them in real life. Just look at the way they look at each other! Even if they’re not dating, they’re clearly good friends. Either way, it’s adorable.


The first season of Riverdale starts off with Betty Cooper having a crush on the boy next door, Archie Andrews. He is literally the boy next door, and they have been best friends since they were kids. Unfortunately, Archie does not like Betty that way. Betty struggles internally when Archie and Veronica start dating, but then there is a shift.

As fans, we got mad when Betty wasted her time pining for Archie when Jughead was right there. Therefore, we celebrated when the writers leaned into developing a relationship between Jughead and Betty. This relationship is based off of mutual respect and a common goal of unearthing the dark belly of Riverdale. It is just really convenient that they look really cute together too.



Poor Kevin Keller has been unlucky in love. As he points out repeatedly, there is a severe shortage of young gay men in Riverdale who are out of the closet. Kevin had a relationship with Joaquin, a bad boy Serpent who was involved with the murder of Jason Blossom. While murder is prevalent throughout the show, the real issue was that Joaquin was using Kevin to get access to his father, the sheriff.

In the second season, we find out that Kevin and Moose had a history of hooking up. There are two problems though. One is that Moose isn’t out of the closet. Two is that Moose has a girlfriend named Midge. Imagine how uncomfortable Kevin was when he had to explain to Midge how he knows Moose.


A true teenage getaway isn’t complete without a hot tub experience. Veronica invited Archie, Betty, and Jughead to her parents’ cabin in the woods where a lot of stuff went down. The cabin was broken into by the local thugs, and Veronica’s dad’s henchman took care of it. Which means they were certainly killed. And that wasn’t even the most shocking part of the episode.

In the hot tub episode, Veronica points out that since Archie and Betty kissed (ugh), it’s only fair that Veronica should get to kiss Jughead. Because they’re a little salty about the whole Archie/Betty kiss situation, Jughead and Veronica go along with it. Bughead fans were shook and now need therapy. Thankfully, the core four kissed and made up (literally), and have now moved on to other drama.



The Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones ship is built on how all of us, especially as teenagers, have felt out of place. Archie is kind of the golden child of the town. He’s attractive, he’s on the football team, he’s attractive -- did we say that already? Meanwhile, though Betty has a wholesome exterior, we know that she is capable of darkness.

Betty knows how to take down powerful men who have done wrong, and she’s not afraid to go dark to do it. While Archie supports her (as a friend), it’s Jughead that really understands how she could feel like she doesn’t fit in. With Jughead, Betty can lean into her darkness and not scare him away. Therefore, every time they kiss, we do a little celebration of how these two found each other.


For characters outside of the core four, they may wonder what shenanigans that crazy group of friends is getting into. We have to remember that they are still high school students, even if they don’t act like it. The other students at the school probably have their own drama to deal with, as we all did in high school. However, it could be frustrating when the core four act like they run the place.

Kevin is one of those supporting characters that is usually only in the loop about half of the time. He’s the son of the sheriff and Betty’s good friend, so he’s useful to have around. However, he’s not always around. And sometimes he feels like he is everyone’s keeper or that he’s in the middle of the squabbling.



Veronica Lodge was involved in romantic relationships before she moved to Riverdale and met Archie Andrews. Nick St. Clair is the son of wealthy parents, which explains how he and Veronica met. This does not explain, however, how he was a heinous jerk who committed an atrocity during his brief time in Riverdale.

Nick St. Clair persuaded the core four, and others, to try Jingle Jangle, the local drug with a peppy name. Then, he tried to force himself on Veronica. When she refused, he attempted to assault Cheryl Blossom in her bedroom. The girls intervened and kicked his butt, but Cheryl was scarred by the experience. We wished she could have done a clapback at his men's advances like this.


The parents of the core four also went to Riverdale High School. They, like their children, were really really ridiculously good looking back in their day. Luke Perry, who plays Archie’s dad Fred Andrews, was in a teen drama of his own back in the early nineties called Beverly Hills, 90210. Girls at the time were obsessed with him the way they are now with KJ Apa.

Skeet Ulrich, who plays FP Jones, Jughead’s dad, also made a mark in teen dramas back in the day. In 1996, he played the boyfriend turned killer in the teen horror movie Scream, which has become a classic. As for the moms, Madchen Amick, who plays Alice Cooper, was also involved in teen drama, as she was a character in Dawson’s Creek. All we know is we would’ve totally watched Riverdale Class of ‘85 if it were a show.



Archie Andrews is the star of the comic, but as far as the show, there are so many other interesting characters. At this point, we know that Betty could, and did, do better. Imagine how painful it was for Betty to live with an unrequited crush for so many years all while being the emotional support for Archie. It’s totally unfair.

We empathize with the girl next door, especially when she finally confessed her feelings to Archie. Teenagers and adults know the sting of rejection even when someone is trying to be as nice as they can about the letdown. There’s a potential for a “Barchie” on again off again situation, which is seen in the kiss they shared in the second season. However, the CW would have a bunch of unhappy Bughead fans to deal with.


Jughead Jones is a self-described weirdo. But weirdos make this world, and Riverdale, interesting. If it weren’t for Jughead’s stubbornness, the misdeeds of the Lodges would have remained a mystery until it was too late. Not to mention, what better narrator to have than a weirdo who knows how to pick up on the weird stuff that’s happening?

We know that sometimes teenagers will hide behind a specific “look” to get them through their lives. For Jughead, this was his trusted hat. While we love it as a fashion statement, we certainly see him wear it a lot. He calls out himself on how it’s so weird that he wears it every day. The time when he finally sheds the hat, and his guard, is when he tells Betty that he loves her. And this is when all of our hearts exploded.



The parents of the core four have known one another since at least high school. Because no one seems to leave this town, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, and Jughead Jones have known each other since they were children. We know that Archie and Betty were best friends because they lived next door to each other. The easiest friend for you to make as a kid was the one who lived next to you.

Archie and Jughead were also best friends. We found out that Jughead used to periodically stay at the Andrews’ house when FP was being a less than desirable parent. This means that Jughead and Betty had to have hung out together as kids since they had a shared best friend. Therefore, any criticism that Bughead was a rushed relationship doesn’t consider how they all grew up together.


Archie Andrews has questionable taste in women. We love Veronica, but we know that her family could be dangerous. Hiram Lodge will do what it takes to ensure his family takes over Riverdale. Even though Archie has sided with the Lodges for now, we don’t know what may happen to him because of it. But, what’s also dangerous is getting involved with your teacher, which Archie did in the first season of Riverdale.

The Archie and Ms. Grundy relationship was uncomfortable to watch unfold. No matter how young she is, she’s still in a position of authority, and Archie was still a minor. Archie hid this relationship by saying he needed help with his music. But it seemed like no one bought it. In the end, Ms. Grundy moved and met an unfortunate end, while Archie moved on to date Valerie.



The Bughead relationship of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones has had its ups and downs. When Jughead joined the Serpents, Betty also wanted to join so that they would still be able to spend time together. This lead to her giving a sexy dance onstage, and Jughead got upset. Not just because she was wearing lingerie, but because she did not tell him she was going to join.

In true teen drama fashion, Jughead breaks up with Betty because in his head, she’s better off without him. Then we had to deal with them becoming friends again and getting back together. The tension was just too much. So something like the placement of the leg could have truly blown the minds of Bughead shippers everywhere.


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