Risso Covers "Before Watchmen: Moloch" #1

In August, DC Comics revealed its plans to publish "Before Watchmen: Moloch" starting in November. Written by J. Michael Straczynski with art by Eduardo Risso, the two-issue series centers around the mystic villain who played a key role in "Watchmen." Now, via Buzzfeed, DC has revealed a cover design by Risso's for "Before Watchmen: Moloch" #1, which features the villain in a turban with blood-spattered white gloves and eight playing cards as his yellow eyes, ensconced in shadow, stare at the reader.

"If you step back and just look at his story, it's a real tragedy, in a way the most tragic of all of the characters," Straczynski told CBR in August. "He started out in great difficulty, turned to crime, was sent to prison repeatedly, found religion, converted to Catholicism, and came out of prison determined to lead a changed life. It was a new beginning, a fresh start...and what happens? He falls prey to Ozymandias' plans and becomes one of the first sacrificial lambs to that slaughter. How is that not a compelling story worth telling?"

"Before Watchmen: Moloch" #1 hits stores November 7 with the concluding issue arriving December 26.

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