'Rising Stars: Untouchables' goes monthly, rescheduled for April

Official Press Release

Rising Stars: Untouchables, a new five-issue series originally solicited bi-monthly to start in September, is being resolicited as a monthly title to start in April 2004. Artist Brent Anderson has the unique opportunity of splitting his time between pencilling this title and Astro City, and the rescheduling will allow him to complete several issues of this series in advance to ensure a timely shipping schedule.

"Rather than put out issue #1 now and have fans wait months until the next issue is ready, we figured we'd wait, give Brent plenty of time to do several issues, and resolicit it so fans can follow it on a monthly basis," says editor Renae Geerlings.

Written by Fiona Avery with story edits by J. Michael Stracynzski, Rising Stars: Untouchables tells the story of Laurel Darkhaven, one of the 113 Specials from Peterson, Illinois. While her telekinetic power seemed unimpressive while she grew up, the CIA recruited her with the promise of serving her country. Instead, she was forced into wetwork operations and turned against the Agency to find the employer responsible for her missions. The series chronicles her life from high school graduation to the moment she dies in Poet's arms.

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