Rise of Skywalker Prequel Stages a Better Rescue Than Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Allegiance Journey to The Rise of Skywalker

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Marvel's Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker -- Allegiance #4, by Ethan Sacks, Luke Ross, VC's Clayton Cowles and Lee Loughridge, on sale now.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back had several moments that truly shocked fans. Darth Vader revealed he was Luke Skywalker's father, and there was also the betrayal in Cloud City that resulted in Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt getting Han Solo. However, one of the most memorable moments came via a rescue that left us on the edge of our seats -- when Luke fell out of the shafts of Cloud City and was left hanging at the bottom, ready to fall out the sky.

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This, along with rescues such as Han and Luke retrieving Leia from Vader in A New Hope and Han returning to shoot Vader down at the battle of the first Death Star to save Luke, truly showed fans that no matter what, the heroes George Lucas brought to life always deliver. Come Marvel's Rise of Skywalker prequel, however, we get the franchise's most daring and overall best rescue thanks to the Dynamic Duo of Finn and Poe Dameron.

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At the moon base of Avedot, Finn's locked down in a hangar as he tries to escape with a weapons cache as part of General Leia's rebuilding of the Resistance. Sadly, the shape-shifting Remex, Basso and the other bounty hunters from Galaxy's Edge want Finn's bounty, allowing Poe time to slip outside to see if he can find them a way off this hangar and back to their escape ship. However, Poe also comes under fire, which leads to BB-8 arming bombs which won't just detonate at the landing zone, they'll actually blow up the entire platform which has tons of explosives stored.

Poe, though, is undeterred and he hijacks a small fighter jet from the platform, urging Finn to find a ship of his own. Basso begins firing away at Finn when he mans his ship, and just as the charges blow the platform to smithereens, Finn ejects in the nick of time. Basso perishes in the blaze and the compound is eviscerated, but just when it seems Finn will either fall to a rocky death from the skies or into the pit of flames below, Poe comes speeding in from a mile away with a plan. He urges Finn to steady himself so he can land in the cockpit, but Finn doesn't think his comrade can catch him.

In a high-octane scene we wish we could see unfold on the big screen, Poe has BB-8 quickly calculating his catching speed, as well as momentum, because if they mistime, Finn would actually punch straight through the vessel given the height he's falling from. But as if he had the Force with him, Poe makes the save as Finn lands in the backseat, relieved his friend didn't let him die. It's another exciting chapter in their adventure, and as Finn celebrates, we can tell how grateful he is that his bestie is indeed the best pilot in the galaxy.

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It's something fit for the Mission: Impossible and Fast & Furious franchises, but let's not forget Star Wars on the whole loves a Hail Mary play. Thankfully for Finn, the rebels are reliable and can pull of miracles like Poe. This allows him to live to fight another day, taking weapons back for Leia's army to stock up on as the First Order kick their hunt into next gear.

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