<i>Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes</i> Trailer Isn't Monkeying Around

The hype train for Rise of the Planet of the Apes picked up speed recently when it was announced that the release date would be moved from late fall to Aug. 5, delighting one and all. There's even more reason to express your joy today with the release of the movie's trailer, which is chock full of apes in action.

Seriously. I dare you not to squeal with glee while watching this. It starts off slow, laying out the story of one scientist's (James Franco) noble intention of developing a drug to heal the damage done by degenerative brain diseases. When the apes rise at roughly the halfway point of the two-minute trailer... man do they rises. CG primates everywhere, brought to life by the talented digital artists at WETA.

There are so many money shots in this trailer, you'll have to watch it several times just to take it all in. The apes emerging en masse from the roof of a domed complex. Gathering around the multi-story railings in a large, open office space. Standing over the bed of a sleeping couple. They're everywhere, and they're awesome. If you had any doubts about this movie, banish them now. The apes are coming, and they look pissed.

Check out the trailer below, or at Apple.

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