<i>Rise Of The Apes</i> Gets A Magical Co-Star

With the final Harry Potter movie released next year, graduates of Hogwarts are moving on to bigger and better things... like big-budget reboots of classic movie series. Still, at least this time, Tom Felton, AKA the nuisance-and-otherwise-red-herring Draco Malfoy, is trading up movie fathers from Jason Isaacs to Brian Cox.

Felton has signed on to play the son of Cox in Rise Of The Apes, the upcoming relaunch of Fox's once-successful Apes franchise, opposite the reteaming of Andy Serkis and WETA as Caesar, the surprisingly-intelligent leader of the ape uprising. No details have been released about Felton's characters beyond his parentage, but I'm hoping that it's more than just a reprise of Felton-as-gleeful-villain.

Rise is due for release 2012.

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