<i>Rise Of The Apes</i> Falls Sooner Than Expected!

Good news for fans of those damn, dirty apes today. Twentieth Century Fox originally had Rise of the Apes, the James Franco/Freida Pinto-starring prequel to the Planet of the Apes series, set for a Thanksgiving weekend release. Actually, the original original release was June 24 before it moved to the fall. Now it's back to having a summer release, albeit a couple months later than initially planned.

Rise of the Apes will now open on Aug. 5, going against The Smurfs, the Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds comedy The Change-Up and Summit's 3D alien sci-fi flick The Darkest Hour. Apes switches places with The Sitter, the David Gordon Green-directed R-rated comedy starring Jonah Hill, Sam Rockwell and Ari Graynor, which now opens Dec. 9.

So the prequel is coming sooner than expected, but not as soon as it was originally meant to. Conflicted emotions are okay in this situation. August isn't necessarily the most glamorous month to release a movie in -- the biggest summer blockbusters have already come and gone and Oscar season has yet to arrive -- but that's all the more reason for Apes to go bananas at the box office when it finally does hit theaters.

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