Ring, Ring: Photos of the '<i>Blackest Night</i> tie-ins for <i>Siege</i> variant' trade-in in action

"Turns out nobody has any extra copies of those ring books..." Thus tweeted newly minted Marvel Vice President, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort this morning. And based on the accompanying picture, which showed a stack of covers for Blackest Night tie-ins that were part of DC's recent power ring promotion, your sarcasm detectors were right to go off there.

It's anecdotal evidence, to be sure, but the photo, and a subsequent pic documenting some 300 mailed-in covers from a single store, show that some retailers at least are both willing and able to take Marvel up on its controversial offer to retailers to exchange one Deadpool variant of Siege #3 for every 50 copies or covers of DC's "ring books" they receive.

But will the initiative be a success overall, for either Marvel or the participating retailers? Does all the publicity for it factor in positively or negatively? Those probably aren't the kind of questions you can answer with an iPhone photo, but we'll see.

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