Ring in the holidays with festive comics-themed 'ugly' sweaters

Your holiday sweater collection doesn't have to be scary anymore; you can improve it with comic book-inspired designs. Once upon a time, the thought of attending an ugly-sweater themed holiday party was unappealing: The sweaters used to be legitimately hideous and tacky, with flocked teddy bears, noisy bells and glittery snow, and they were itchy and hot. Those garments of yore could be fun to wear, but I never liked scouring thrift stores and forking over cash for them.

That's all changed, because the idea of the ugly holiday sweater has evolved. The designs are no longer what I'd call ugly, and they're more likely to be printed on comfortable sweatshirts instead of stuffy sweaters. You can find several prints inspired by pop culture franchises and even comic books.

Ugly Deadpool Sweater

Deadpool's costume is mostly red, so he's a perfect candidate for Christmas apparel, right? Right. This garment from WeLoveFine is actually a sweater and features a bold red-and-green argyle design. Wear this while consuming tacos this holiday season.

Ugly Batman Christmas Shirt

Redbubble artist dandyman took to Gotham City for his holiday design. This Batman print features Batmobiles (plural), Robin and a healthy sampling of the Dark Knight's rogues gallery. This one is available in multiple colors as a sweatshirt, a pullover, a T-shirt -- basically everything but a sweater.

Holiday Mix Vol. 1 Sweatshirt

Artist Drew Wise put the Guardians of the Galaxy team in the merry spirit with this colorful sweatshirt design available at TeeFury. The art mostly draws inspiration from the film (baby Groot!), but Rocket Raccoon is wearing his costume from the comics. This not-so-ugly shirt makes me wonder what songs would be included on a Christmas version of the Awesome Mix.

DC Comics Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater

Who's delivering presents this year? Not Santa. He's enjoying a day off, and Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman are taking his place. This sweatshirt depicts the DC heroes on a different kind of mission.

Avengers Festive Pullover

Celebrate both the holidays and the Avengers in subtle style with this pullover sweatshirt from WeLoveFine. It features the symbols for Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man alongside a vague Christmas-y print.

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