Ridley Scott's New Short Film is Basically a Mini James Bond Movie

The Super Bowl is always the perfect excuse for advertisers to go big with their promotions. While some choose to just make a basic commercial, others recruit major names in film and television to handle more creative spots.

One of the stand outs this year was an advertisement by Turkish Air titled The Journey, which recruited legendary director Ridley Scott to helm the project. Only a portion of the ad was aired during the game, leading fans to YouTube to see the entire short film.

Starring Blade Runner 2049 alum Sylvia Hoeks, the short film is a quick and effective spy story. Using Turkish Airlines to reach Istanbul (and the new massive airport within the city), Hoeks plays an agent tracking another passenger throughout the city. However, when her target starts to notice Hoeks, she engages her in a chase that could take her around the entire world.

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The short manages to give Scott a lot to play with, teasing out a James Bond-lite narrative surrounded by gorgeous shots of Istanbul. It's an effective ad for the company and the city, while still being an enjoyable short from the iconic director, his first project in two years following the releases of AlienCovenant and All the Money in the World in 2017.

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