Ridley Scott Offers Kate Mara 'The Martian' Role

Ridley Scott wants Kate Mara to head back to space in his next project The Martian. Deadline reports the Fantastic Four star has been offered a role in the film, and is mulling it over.

The Martian continues to rack up an impressive list of talent, with Matt Damon joining the project in April, and Scott signing on to direct in May. Talk of Kristen Wiig and Jessica Chastain circulated earlier this month, but it's unclear whether all three actresses will be in the film.

The movie, which focuses on an astronaut stranded on Mars, is based on Andy Weir's wildly popular ebook-turned-novel. Drew Goddard, who also directed Cabin in the Woods and penned Cloverfield, wrote the script

The Martian lands in theaters Nov. 25, 2015.

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