Ridley Scott Could Still Direct the 'Blade Runner' Sequel After All

Just a week after saying he had no plans to direct the Blade Runner sequel, Ridley Scott may have changed his mind. In a new interview with Yahoo UK, the filmmaker doesn't dismiss the notion of stepping behind the camera for what he describes as a "personal" project.

When the interviewer acknowledged Scott won't return as director, the filmmaker countered, "I don't know about that yet." Scott elaborated on his thoughts about the Blade Runner sequel, which make it sound as if he's hesitant to see someone else direct a film he regards as extremely personal.

"It's a tricky one because it's so personal and the script is very, very good. Very good," he said. "I wouldn't know [what I want in another director]. It's a hard to track, because it's such a personal piece of my work -- maybe one of the most pieces I did that I got so beaten up for it that I'd never ask someone to try that again. But here it is, sitting there ready to be made."

Filming for the sequel, which is expected to star Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard once again, is scheduled to begin next year.

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