Ridley Scott Conjures 'Magic Castle' Movie, Plans for More

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ridley Scott -- who is currently working on a number of films including "Alien: Covenant" -- wants to bring the Magic Castle to life on the big screen. He's also teaming up with the Castle's owners to possibly franchise the Magic Castle in China and the Middle East. He also would like to bring it into various formats like television, in addition to the proposed film.

The Magic Castle has been a celebrity destination in Hollywood since 1963, and has seen the likes of Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris and more celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other events at the Castle. The Victorian-style renovated property features nightly magic shows, tours, and other magical-inspired events.

The Magic Castle's president Milt Larsen will co-produce the 'Magic Castle' film with Ridley Scott and Scott Free Productions.

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