Ridley Scott Closing in on Writer for <i>Blade Runner</i> Follow-Up

Director Ridley Scott has been revisiting some of the worlds he created decades ago. He just finished filming Prometheus, set firmly in the same universe as Alien, the 1979 sci-fi/horror classic that spawned three sequels and two crossover movies with the Predators, not to mention a slew of video games, comic tie-ins and other additional materials.

Now Scott has talked to Speakeasy about another beloved sci-fi property, this time Blade Runner. The 1982 film featured Harrison Ford as Deckard hunting down rogue robots known as replicants in a dark future where things weren't exactly as they seemed.

The 74-year-old director not only said he's on board to helm the previously announced follow-up -- it's "liable to be a sequel" -- but also that he's close to nailing down a screenwriter to help him with the script. Scott did note that the story will not feature the cast from the original, and when asked specifically about Deckard's involvement he replied, "No, not really." That's a curious way to respond. Does he mean "not really" as a simple "no," or does he mean that the character will play into the story in some way? With the script not even developed yet, it will most likely be a while before we find anything else out about the story, but we're keeping our eyes peeled for news of Harrison Ford scheduling a few days for a cameo.

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