Ridley Scott Claims Comic Movies Are 'Hardest' Adaptations to Write

IGN caught up with Exodus: Gods and Kings director Ridley Scott during the press tour for the filmmaker's new epic film and asked him if he would ever consider taking a crack at the superhero genre. After all, with a filmography including sci-fi essentials like Alien and Blade Runner and the Academy Award-winning action/drama Gladiator, a move toward comic book films or superheroes doesn't seem like a stretch.

"I've had a lot of opportunities and I tend not to do that," Scott replied. "They're the hardest single thing to write. Taking a comic strip character is very hard to write because comics are meant to work in one page, to work in frames with minimalistic dialogue. And a lot of it is left to the imagination of the reader. To do that in film you've got to be a little more explanatory. And that requires a good screenplay and good dialogue."

Scott hasn't shied away from adaptations: Blade Runner was based on Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and his most recent release draws from the Book of Exodus. It looks like where adaptations are concerned, however, Scott draws the line at comics.

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